Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just a Little Encouragement can Carry Friends

Just a little encouragement can carry friends toward their dreams in ways that you, nor they, cannot anticipate.

This month Eolande Elvehjem is celebrating her first complete year as a fashion designer in Second Life. She designs the most incredible pieces of jewelry for your hair. You can see them all at Eolande's Hair Accessories & Jewelry. You can also purchase Eolande's artistic designs at OnRez.com (Yes, Sherrie and Eolande are one in the same.)

Eolande sent me a nice note saying that I was one of the people who had helped her along the way this year. I'm not overly sure exactly how or when it was that I helped. It wasn't business tips, it wasn't free Lindens, it wasn't free land. All I can remember is having hope for her and confidence this fantastic lady could do it -- as long as she didn't let go. So, it must have been that I gave her encouragement.

I do remember the encouragement Eolande has been to me. When my coffee shop locations were bouncing from 1 to 2 to 4 to 0 to ... you get the idea ... she was one of the people who said "Yes, it's time for you to step out on your own and create your own identity."

Grey Hare Coffee ShopAND she believed it so much that she made a place for me on her incredible Ohana Isle. A beautiful little corner lot. And so I've been evolving a little Grey Hare Coffee Shop, Book Nook, & Art Gallery there. And as I've been there, I have watched Eolande's example closely as she sets the pace for those who live on Ohana Isle. Her attitudes, her compassion, her protectiveness (not smothering though!).

Sanctuary Garden.pngTHEN I had an opportunity to manage a sim. Eolande totally believed in me. When things started with an unexpected challenge, she gave me invaluable advice. I am still thrilled that I followed it.

When the original plan turned into an opportunity to totally rebuild and redesign the sim, Eolande gave me the words I so needed to hear: "You can do it."

So, I want to take Eolande's anniversary month to say:
And I want to tell you that if you haven't subscribed to Eolande's Hair Accessories & Jewelry notices, you need to get your body over to Eolande's shop and take care of that detail. (It's one of those wonderful non-sl groups. You get the notices without giving up an SL group spot and without hearing group chat spam.)

Last but not least! Come join the Treasure Hunt. Eolande and all of the Residents / Designers on Ohana host a Treasure Hunt every month. It is the best in all of SL. You can pick up the info and Heart #33 & 34 at my Grey Hare Coffee Shop #1 on, of course, Ohana Isle.

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Eolande Elvehjem said...

Awwww you make me wanna cry!!! I'm so glad I've been an encouragement to you as you have been to me. You're doing awesome work and I can't wait to see what else you do. :)